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Having gained experience working with multiple national sporting teams, there is a focus on deep sports related muscle tension, however we also realise that issues such as working environments and stress can cause just as much discomfort.

Being a home based environment, we offer a relaxing quiet escape, a personalised approach to each clients care and the flexibility to offer more treatment availabilities all while maintaining the same level of professionalism you’d find in a big clinic.


Why Dynamic Health and Wellbeing is the perfect place for you:


  • Flexibility of appointment times; means we can work around your busy schedule.
  • Quality service backed by continual training and advancement of knowledge base and skills.
  • Preference in applying a firm, deep tissue massage focused on those deep seated issues.



We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of client care and aim to help;

  •      Reduce stress and anxiety
  •      Relieve muscle tension and improve muscle tone
  •      Reduce inflammation in joints and soft tissue
  •      Relieve pain and stiffness
  •      Increase flexibility
  •      Improve circulation


At Dynamic Health and Wellbeing we offer a range of integrated remedial techniques, including; dry needling, myofascial cupping and joint mobilisation to improve treatment outcomes and improve your overall wellbeing.